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Microblading Eyebrows & Eyelash Extensions
in Pickering.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Why Choose Lash Layer Boutique?

You are here because you are tired of using mascara everyday and fussing over your clumped lashes. So you thought of trying out this new craze of Eyelash Extensions but are completely terrified because you have heard the horror stories and seen women out there with really bad lashes. Am I right? If this is you, then you have come to the right place. At Lash Layer Boutique, I specialize in creating the most natural looking Lashes that is perfectly suited for your face and above all, your Lifestyle.

Every appointment comes with a full consultation, eye mapping and the best part … 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Lash Layer Boutique is Durham’s Home of Natural Looking Lash Extensions. Located in an upscale neighbourhood, Lash Layer Boutique boasts a luxurious, private boutique for Eyelash Extensions in Pickering.

Lash Layer Boutique Volume Eyelash Extensions, Pickering

Safe Canadian Adhesives and proper Application

Medical Grade Adhesive

You have looked through a lot of lash artists work and don’t know what to look for. Let me help you.

When looking through pictures of extensions check to see if clients are suffering from chemical burns … yikes! This happens when cheap adhesives, usually made in China, are used. Another reason is improper taping methods that are applied by an inexperienced technician allowing fumes to get into the eyes.

If you see red eyes in after photos this is a sign of corneal abrasion and this happens when too many fumes from cheap adhesives get into the eyes and the under eye pads rub against the eye causing a chemical burn.

As popular as the second set of eyelashes are and commonly seen everywhere, I don’t apply lengths like this as this is not healthy for your natural lashes.

At Lash Layer Boutique all my adhesives are premium and Canadian made and very gentle on the most sensitive eyes. I also offer free patch tests for clients who are sensitive and have allergies. If you are allergic to cyanoacralyte then eyelash extensions aren’t for you, in this case I would recommend a Lash Lift and Tint.

Eye Mapping & Ultra Lightweight Lashes

For new client appointments, you will receive a structured questionnaire with detailed pictures of lash styles, shape and volume for you to pick from. No more guessing or wondering what you will leave your lash appointment looking like.

Once I see you in person, I will perform detailed eye mapping to correct and adjust facial/eye symmetry to have you looking flawless.

(Picture Left) Client came to my to fix her lashes from another salon. Her previous set made er eyes droopy and it was too long and full for everyday wear.

Lash Prep and Lash Aftercare

Before your Appointment
  • Please come to your appointment with no eye-makeup to ensure you get the most time out of your lash appointment, Less time cleaning and more time lashing!
  • Lashes must be clean, free of makeup, oil, lotion and all residue for proper adhesion of extensions.
  • If you wear contact lenses please remove them prior to your appointment. You can wear them immediately after your appointment is complete.
  • Please disclose any allergies, or eye conditions, medications or products and treatments used on and around the eye area.
  • If you are using a lash growth serum please notify your technician before the appointment.
Lash Extension Aftercare
  • Keep lashes dry for a minimum of 2 hours. Refrain from any heat induced activity for 24 hours after your appointment this means no gym, hot yoga or saunas.
  • If you are planning to go on vacation book your appointment 2-3 days before.
  • Never use a mechanical eyelash curler.
  • Do not get a lash tint or a lash perm.
  • Try not touch, pick or rub your eyelash extensions.
  • Avoid use cotton swabs, pads, or cloths on your extensions.
  • Be sure to gently brush and cleanse lashes with an oil-free cleanser 3 times a week. For your convenience, we also offer a lash cleansing solution and soft brush for purchase.
  • Avoid all oil-based products such as makeup, makeup removers, and skincare, as it can infer with the longevity of lash extensions and adhesion. There is an essential care kit for purchase which includes lash extension safe eye & makeup remover, lash protector & revitalizer serum and lash shampoo kit.
  • Lashes go through natural shedding and growth cycles, which is why regular maintenance is important! Proper care can, however, increase time between required fill appointments.